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Memorial Day Weekend Hot Seat

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Slot machine images of a hand holding a fan of money, Happy Memorial Day and a burlap bag full of cash.

Memorial Day Weekend
Hot Seat

May 28 – 29

4 CASH Winners at Each Drawing

2:15pm • 4:15pm • 6:15pm • 8:15pm

Win cash instantly just by playing your favorite slot games!
Simply use your ace | PLAYTM card when playing
to be eligible to win.

ace | PLAY blue & orange win $50 cash and

 ace | PLAY green & red win $100 cash.

Blue, Orange, Green and Blue ace PLAY cards
an ace | PLAY exclusive
All ace | PLAY members with a card in the machine will have a chance to win.
Winners will be determined through a random hot seat selection of active cards in play.
Prizes are guaranteed. Complete rules available at the ace | PLAY Center.


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